Closet Antwerp

Closet is a new concept store in Antwerp. Inside you'll find nothing but carefully selected brands, unique pieces and affordable treasures for women.
Currently the shop is hosting the following designers: Girls form Omsk, Heidewinne, Marion Cointot and Hanh.

The Closet store space doubles as a permanent gallery space in which young designers are able to mark their territory (i.e. rent a spot) to display their collection in the context of other quality brands and sell it at a set price. This allows them to reach a wide audience in a context that adds value to their own brand.

Young designers are eager to add a professional layer to their creative output, but this can put a serious financial strain on their future. Closet allows these designers to rent a space within the store on a monthly basis. This new, flexible retail concept frees the designers from the suffocating restrictions of fashion seasons and production volumes imposed by 'classic retail'. Designers who choose to add their collection to Closet, are able to create collections at their own pace and decide when they would like to share them with the general shopping public.
Aside from providing store space, the marketing-savvy team behind Closet will also support collaborating brands with their professional promotion and communication skills.

In this independent Closet you'll find nothing but quality style for a wide audience. The exclusivity of the store is the result of a unique selection, not the price tags or hopping on board of the latest trend.

What's in a name? The Closet store will include an actual closet, which will be re-interpreted, transformed and personalised every month by one of the store's designers.


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