Hel Yes pop-up restaurant

HEL YES! was a temporary restaurant and exhibition created for London Design Week 2010 by a creative team of Finnish designers and food experts.
Housed in a former depot in East London, for 14 days it will serve Nordic food based on ingredients many of which are found through foraging in forests.

Though some key Finnish ingredients such as fish roe, game and preserved plants will come from Finland, most of the daily ingredients will be sourced by the HEL YES! team of hunters and gatherers from around London.

"It is all about the delicacies of primitive Finnish cuisine, which is typically more about pure ingredients than, for example, restaurant culture. We will use the best vegetables and fish as well as traditional cooking methods, making our own interpretations along the way. We will avoid decorative elements and focus on substance. There will be Karelian stew, whipped lingonberry manna and spruce shoots - Catches of the Day!"

Via http://www.psfk.com
Link: http://www.helyes.fi/ 
and http://www.helyes.fi/en/restaurant 
Interior designer: Linda Bergroth

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