Twister for Topshop

Johan Berglund of London-based 42 architects have designed a spatial installation for Topshop’s AW 11 press event in London, UK, working to an very tight timeframe of only three weeks from concept to completion.

Twister proposes a spatial configuration built of swirls, swooshes, vortexes and eddys – manifested as a system of hand formed black PVC coated tubes onto which garments can be hung. Visitors are invited to follow the structure as it winds through the room, while encountering concentrations of displayed garments along the way. The black tube also acts to bind the various collections together into one thematic whole. Around the structure sits a second layer of smaller white structures; benches and tables that hold shoes, accessories and makeup displays, as well as acting as seats for visitors.

Twister continues themes currently being in our studio. We take a great interest in the relationship between the body and space, with architecture acting as a mediator that can provoke and promote very specific types of uses and movement patterns.


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