Levi's film workshop

Levi’s is sponsoring a workshop making professional filmmaking resources like edit rooms, high-end equipment rentals and training available to the public, free of chargat L.A’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Educational workshops will be led by various experts and non-profit organizations to teach everything from the basics of shooting on Super 8, to the digital, modern art of film-making. Edit rooms are equipped with the latest technology, and a screening room is available to show-off your final product. The idea is to expose aspiring film-makers to the technologies and techniques that may be otherwise unavailable to them.

Levi’s Film Workshop opened to the public April 17, 2011 and runs through August 8, 2011 during regular museum hours.

Via: http://www.psfk.com
and: http://workshops.levi.com/

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