Levi’s Sculpture by Ian Mcchesney

British architect Ian McChesney designed a sculpture for Levi’s as part of the Regent Street Windows Project in London.

Coinciding with the launch of the Levi’s® Water<Less jeans – made using significantly less water, this sculpture is based on water and fluidity – over 100 pairs of jeans are fixed together in the form of a giant whirlpool. The piece uses 120 pairs of jeans riveted together using over 1000 copper rivets. It measures 9.4 x 4.8m and is 3m high. It was designed by Ian McChesney and Fabricated by ‘millimetre’.

Via http://www.contemporist.com
Visit the Ian McChesney Architects website: http://www.mcchesney.co.uk/
Photography by glasshopper.net
Construction: http://millimetre.uk.net/

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