Louis Vuitton pop-up store Cannes

Louis Vuitton has announced that they will open a Pop Up store next to its permanent store on the Croisette to cash in on the affluent, high profile visitors to the Cannes International Film Festival. The Pop Up store will be in operation for the period May to August 2011.

The concept of temporary retail has been gaining popular acceptance around the world and the trend has been increasing year after year. The logic behind the concept is simple. If new products can come and go, why can’t the stores that display them do the same.
Pop up retail stores are created with a specific purpose with a focus on a product or an area or an occasion. This increasing trend is now known as Pop Up retail. It is a very effective tool to pull in the crowds quickly. That’s why Louis Vuitton has decided to go in for a Pop Up store next to its existing permanent store at the Croisette.

 The temporary store built for the special occasion will be littered with motifs of cinema and the seaside as a homage to both. The film In The Mood For Love will materialize on the walls in an abstract fan motif.The Louis Vuitton Pop Up store will be focusing on the evening wear. The brand’s iconic collections will be on display, Cocktail Party by the Pool. Marc Jacobs, their artistic director has designed and selected collections of prêt-à-porter, leather goods and accessories for a complete shopping experience who visit the store. There will also be a lounge space to showcase the Maison’s watches and jewelry. Pop Up retail stores are successful as a concept because it adds a fresh feel to the retail and is able to surprise the customer.

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