Puma City

 New Concept Puma City tri-level, 11,000-square-foot Puma store, recognized as Puma City, is complete of 24 refurbish delivery containers and is completely dis-mountable so it can be crowded up and ship wherever.

With a tinted logo concept on the exterior and total overhaul on the in, the delivery containers’ history existence is well-disguised.

 While concepts of the delivery containers is obvious in new manifold frame shaped by the knock down of the delivery containers’ ramparts, unlock and well-lit surroundings makes manufacturing artistic seem almost deliberate.As well, built-in particulars, such as the two decks situated on the higher floors and buried illumination, gives store better sense durability and less similar to a prefabricate arrangement that can just be folded up and enthused Back then, the fit brand was clever to put the whole amass up in less than a week gratitude to the fold-out capability of container architecture.
The structure was designed by LOT-EK.

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and http://www.lot-ek.com/

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