Reebok has opened their New York City pop-up store called “FLASH” in 2008.  The store featured items you may expect to find in such a temporary store, like limited kicks and clothing.  

What differentiated FLASH from pop-up stores we typically see is the thoughtfulness Reebok put into the project.  First off, the store took up a whopping 3000 square feet of space.  This generous space was not just a vacant store-front, but the CVZ Contemporary art gallery, which was founded in 2004 in order to help launch and promote emerging NYC artists.

Furthermore, the entire store paid homage to it’s host city’s cultural history, with 1980′s inspired, urban decor as well as similarly inspired goods.  We saw two Reebok shoes exclusive to FLASH, that have been inspired by beer, ATMs and taxis, all three being items you can’t be in NYC without seeing.  In the month the store was open, there was weekly, themed exclusives as well as an array of products that remained unchanged throughout FLASH’s duration.

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