UNIQLO Heattech Project 2010 : Branded Art Installation

“Aurora Borealis” was a branded art installation which had been commissioned as part of UNIQLO's Heattech campaign for their flagship store in New York. 
The installation was designed by MONA KIM: PROJECTS.

The goal: a high-impact installation that evokes HEAT and TECH–the 2 key selling points of this product line.

The creative response deliberately chose "no-tech" to express "high-tech" in order to create an immersive and poetic intervention in the space through simple sculptural form that emit a luminescent aura without relying on expensive lighting technology. 

With the ultimate goal to effectively communicate and transmit the feeling of being immersed in "heat", a series of  2 to 4-meter tall "fins", with gradated color fields, were composed precisely throughout the space to create a singular monolithic fractal icon that changed and transformed according to the viewer's point of view--a non-static static form. The combined visual results----kinetic energy captured in a frozen moment, a sense of light without light, a powerful visual magnet in the midst of the busiest retail street of New York Soho.




Fabrication & Installation :
New Project LLC

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