Visual kidnapping

While preparing for his first ever solo show in Hong Kong in 2009, authorities arrested French graffiti artist and notorious logo destroyer Zevs after he painted a "liquidated" Chanel logo atop the flagship Giorgio Armani store to "reflect the war of brands."

The store was not pleased, demanding HK$6.7 million (about $850,000) in damages after the artist pleaded guilty. While he used a water-based paint that should have been easy to remove, the store claims they cannot remove the paint due to the sandstone facade of the building.

“Visual kidnapping is like entering an interactive game: If the brand on the billboard kidnaps the attention of the public with the purpose of consumer demand, I reverse the situation and I kidnap the model on the poster and I demand a ransom of 500,000 Euros from the brand. This sum represents the symbolic price of an advertising campaign for the brand.”


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