A YouTube Theater (That Docks With Your Phone)

This project is based on the assumption that the internet (WiFi) can potentially deliver entertainment and information into any place, even a neighborhood that may be overlooked or discounted.  With the injection of this media comes the anticipation of event based scenarios, and in turn architecture.

This initial installation (Cranbrook Academy of Art) exploits the existing condition of campus WiFi and its ability to be accessed through current smartphone technology.  The user docks their hand-held device into the theater which in turn allows one to both surf online media, and have it projected through an integration of basic a/v equipment.  Be it Jennifer Black, Danny Brown, or The White Stripes the event runs off of your personal phone / whims.

The structure itself is comprised of post processed chain link fence pipe selected for its inherent ability to form an interlocking system that erects in about a day. The physical manipulation of the material was achieved with a manual pipe bender and an ability to replicate effect through “pumps” of the equipment.  When all conditions remain constant, a specific number of pumps will consistently produce a specific angle within the part.  This consistency allows for an informed input into a design software that could produce a predictable output for fabrication of a system / architecture.  The ability of the system to form wall, structure, and also conceal component (audio + video) wiring evokes a “plug and play” operation that requires little to no education for the user.

Via http://www.architizer.com

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