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Designer Johan Lindeberg’s new contemporary luxury brand, BLK DNM (pronounced black denim), is available off-line for the first time at a new temporary store, entitled POP 1, located in the Soho district of downtown New York. POP 1 officially opened to the public today, June 10th, 2011.

BLK DNM’s online community can now experience Lindeberg’s downtown-inspired product range in person. POP 1 will house the full men’s and women’s collections: denim, leather jackets, tailoring, knitwear as well as staple mélange t-shirts and tanks ranging in price from $29 to $2,295.

Designed by Lindeberg and his creative team, the simple, raw, deconstructed interior features industrial fixtures and Baroque-inspired furniture. The store will display art installations, books and curiosities in addition to the current mixed-season collection. The new space will serve as the brand’s creative studio as well as a second home for Mr. Lindeberg’s team and downtown friends. Lindeberg notes, “I decided to be more personal with BLK DNM than I have with previous brands and therefore want to create a store that feels exactly as I like my own home to be”.

Following its launch, POP 1 will host regular cultural activities including salons, screenings, and future product launches; “I want the BLK DNM store to be an inspiring environment with great creative energy. It was designed to manifest the BLK DNM culture. We are a downtown brand and our home is here,” Lindeberg states.

To coincide with the launch of POP 1, Lindeberg unveils its publication BLK DNM Gazette 1 for the first time. This poster-sized, 30-page broadsheet includes unique artwork, photography, conversations and collaborative essays that convey the brand’s identity and aesthetic.
You can check out the gazette here:


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