Lost in transportation

Opening thu - jun 2 [7pm-9pm] at kkoutlet is the lost collection, a highly peculiar exhibition of art objects that were left unclaimed on london’s subways, buses, trains and black cabs.

kkoutlet curated a slew of creations from nameless artists, ranging from whole portfolios to carefully crafted drawings, paintings and photographs. funnily enough, through the recent press coverage of the show, the gallery was able to get in touch with rĂ©gis gautier-cochfert, one of the anonymous artists. he lost his end of year photography project at earl’s court subway station and will be reunited with his work at the opening. location: 42 hoxton square.

Via: http://www.superfuture.com
Website: http://www.kkoutlet.com/art/2011/the-lost-collection
Photo: © kkoutlet
More images via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36763955@N07/sets/72157626750350857/with/5793402158/

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