Shevchenko's pitch

Timelapse video of Shevchenko's Pitch in Kiev designed by ...,staat i.c.w.Nike.

The sports facilities were renovated to provide students at the school and kids in the local community with a high-quality facility to play football and other sports and have a dedicated gym for indoor sport and physical education.

The pitch was also the stage for the local finals of The Chance, Nike’s search for football talent around the world

“Football has made such a positive impact on my life and I wanted to be involved in this project with Nike to give the next generation of footballers a safe place to play with the best facilities,” Shevchenko said. “I’m also proud to be involved in a project that is giving back to the community where I grew up.”

Andriy Shevchenko attended the school and lived in the local community. He was discovered as a young football talent at age nine while playing for the district team in a city tournament.