Recycling Sunday

Installation Recycling Sunday in Warsaw for the Galeria Starter by Luzinterruptus.

In Warsaw, the citizens are not obligated to recycle and the garbage containers are not prepared for it either, meaning that this concept is not commonly known to the majority of the people.

1000 green, yellow and blue garbage bags ans lights were use to fill the plaza, some forming a blue sky within hand’s reach, the rest floating mysteriously, scattered across the plaza.

Many people came to visit the installation and the interaction was surprising, the children played with the bags as if they were the most attractive balloons and the adults carried them away as if they were precious gifts.

At the end of the night, the floating bags left the plaza to invade the city with their strange presence. Thus the installation finished by recycling itself in a spontaneous manner.

Photos by Gustavo Sanabria. .


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