Pop-up pirate radio tower

US based architect and artist adam kalkin has completed the 'pop-up pirate radio tower' for the mis-design exhibition at the university of melbourne's victorian college of the arts located in victoria, australia. created from a locally salvaged shipping container placed on its end, the 40 foot tower will host the exhibition's radio broadcast. a transmission tower with a flag placed at the pinnacle will communicate the show to the masses.

The architect has experimented with and led the field for the utilization of shipping containers for structures which are presented in the book 'quik build: adam kalkin’s abc of container architecture', a retrospective of his design work. other examples of his work include the adriance residence, illy cafe and kalkin house.

The airwaves will feature a variety of local musicians and artists with additional commentary from students of the nearby campus. Listeners within one kilometer of the tower can tune in to 96.9 MHz or live stream the broadcast here.

Via: http://www.designboom.com
Adam Kalkin: http://architectureandhygiene.com
Images: Raphael Kilpatrick

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